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Like many people who have business ideas they don’t always have all the required skills to pull them off. In this case I needed a very custom website. I started searching, going through so many different candidates. I finally found a designer off a independent contracting website. (big mistake) After months of working with the designer he ended up falling through, unable to get my money back I was left with no website and huge chunk of my original liquid assets missing. I was also running out of time to meet my deadline. I knew I was going to need a great website design team.

I started researching through google and I decided the Dollar Bard Club (DBC as Scott & Myles always put it) had a website that was similar to what I needed to accomplish. Through hours of searching I finally hunted down the design team who was responsible for their website development. This ended up being Cali Style.

[Cali Style] has been the best resource I have been lucky enough to come across during my time opening up this new business. If it wasn’t for them I am not 100% positive I would have been able to get my website off the ground and have it running by the deadline. Their expertise in not only design, but in overall business skills has been a huge benefit to myself. It’s not just a website design team you are hiring, but a personal consulting group.

Through and through they have proven themselves and achieved far beyond what they have promised. Over delivery is the best way to put it. I would feel completely confident and I’d rest assured using them on tight deadlines and for a team that just gets sh$@ done.

Keevan McQueen, CEO Joose on Tap

It's been so great working with you and watching your business blossom!

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