Big Companies using Node.js Cali Style Helped

All of our top web apps, sites that routinely hit 20 million page views per month are all built on our astonishing node.js frameworks.

Big Companies using Node.js Cali Style Helped

Posted by Myles Golden on Jul 20, 2016

Small Businesses to Enterprise are all starting to use node.js

With new technology stacks being adopted mainstream it's not a wonder that node.js is becoming the new kid on the block. From the popular adoption from Paypal, Netflix, Uber, Linkedin, Medium, The New York Times and many more, node.js web applications are seeing big scale gains, performance boosts and big developer productivity.

Many companies today say that they can "do" node.js, what makes us different? We specialize in it. All of our top web apps, from sites that routinely hit 20 million page views per month to our sites with just a few thousand a year, are all built on our astonishing node.js frameworks (Treefrog and Humpback).

Node.js and Ecommerce Stores - our biggest market

Ecommerce sales grow daily, and expected revenue for global eCommerce sales is set to reach a record breaking $1.915 trillion this year (2016). So why are so many eCommerce companies switching over to Node.js? Node.js sites allow for rapid development and quick scaling MVP's which get to market first, a key component to any start-up eCommerce.

  • Dollar Beard Club - We went from 0-MVP in 14 days using our Humpback Node.js Platform which allowed DBC to take in 30,000 orders their first day without crashing the server. DBC is prime example of how a Node.js eCommerce business can be disruptive in a market space that has not caught up with the technology.

  • One World Lab - The second eCommerce website we built on our Humpback Node.js Platform is One World Lab. It nearly breaks the limits of product counts for an eCommerce store. With over 500,000 products and 1.5 million product variations we had to think outside of the box for this project. One World Lab's Node.js eCommerce platform doesn't stop with just products, it's a full of real-time interactions between scientists and manufacturers.

Node.js Enterprise Software

The enterprise market space is being disrupted. With disruption, enterprise software vendors are having to make big changes to their offerings to keep up with the innovation coming from the open source community. The pervasive nature of JavaScript across web and mobile is driving change. On average, 4% of developers at public companies in this segment use Node.js and 25% of developers at growth stage companies are using Node.js.

  • Widgetware CMS5 - Our own internal project, Widgetware CMS5 (Collaborative Marketing Suite 5) is our 5th version of our popular SEO, SEM, SMM, and Analytical tracking tool. Widgetware CMS5 allows users to track the progress of their online marketing campaigns on a “Pay as you Grow” basis. This version incorporated our Humpback v1.0 framework and we have plans to release a new version on Treefrog.

We build New Products

Our clients represent a variety of companies—from new startups to advertising agencies to Fortune 500 brands. We enjoy designing and developing platforms of all shapes and sizes. Our team of full-stack developers prototype apps and sites in weeks, not months.

We Improve Existing Products

In addition to owning projects internally, we also support brands, agencies, and other dev teams in need of staff augmentation to complete a project. This could include front-end or back-end development to add a new feature, work out bugs, or help with the ongoing maintenance of live products.

And Experiment With Partners

Each Friday, the Cali Style team works together on a group experiment to explore new platforms and technologies. This ensures our team continues to learn and maintain our culture of curiosity and stay active in the Open Source community. Occasionally, when the stars align, we’re able to customize our experiments to the unique needs of our partners.

Are you tried of going company to company and hearing “well, we want to build your project on Ruby, but I guess we can build parts of it in node.js…”? Then you’ve just found the right spot! Contact Cali Style today! It's as easy as clicking the icon at the bottom right of your screen and starting a conversation.

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