Cali Style Breaks Ground on our Newest Technology

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Cali Style Breaks Ground on our Newest Technology

Posted by Myles Golden on Oct 18, 2016

Let's take a look at how our technology is breaking the bounds.

When it comes to technology, we love breaking bounds and pushing the limits. That's why we're excited to share some exciting news about our open source isomorphic web application technology.

What is an Isomorphic Web Application?

Perhaps the greatest issue that faces developers in the 21st century is the need to create more and more efficient websites and apps. Interactivity is in higher demand on even the simplest websites and at the same time, web developers need to create apps and pages that are faster and easier to navigate so that they can load quickly and catch the viewer's attention. For all of these reasons and more, the industry has come up with an excellent answer – Isomorphic Web Applications. These applications are designed to meet the increasing demand for enhanced interactivity and ease of access.

What Makes it an Isomorphic Web App?

What is an isomorphic web application you might ask? To break things down real simple – it's a code base that can be used between shared environments (both server side and client side). Isomorphic comes from the latin words: iso (same) morphic (form), thus isomorphic web applications share the same code base from client-side to server-side.

After reading the above information concerning the basic isomorphic web application, you will very likely be interested in learning about a few leading examples. The average isomorphic web app, such as JavaScript, Rendr, Meteor, and many others, is one that can run on both the client and the server. This ensures that you only need to write the code once. This code can then be executed directly on the server to create static pages. Meanwhile, the same code can be run on the client to create a venue for interactivity.

Using An Isomorphic Web App To Enhance The SEO Value Of Your Website

An isomorphic app is the perfect solution for developers and online businesses to use when maximizing the SEO readiness of their sites. The reason for this is as clear as it is simple: Time is money. Employing an isomorphic web application is far more efficient way to get the job done than using than an old fashioned single page application.

Think of it this way: In the past, when single page applications were the only method available, web crawling bots took nearly forever to access and index every single page and some can't do that at all. There were many times when they missed entire sections of websites. This posed a serious problem when it came to getting your site content properly ranked on search engines.

Nowadays, thanks to the exponential increase in efficiency that technology like our modern isomorphic app has brought, web crawlers don't have to work quite so hard or so long to take in and index every single syllable published on your website. As a result, your content will show up nearly instantaneously in the rankings for every major international search engine.

The more you advertise your content, the higher your ranking will be. This is one way in which isomorphic apps have done great service to website designers who want a seamless experience and content creators who need content exposure.

Isomorphic Apps Are The Future Of The Web Design Industry

It's safe to say that our modern isomorphic web app represents the future of the web development industry. Because Google and other major search engines continue to vary their algorithms on a selective basis, website developers will always be in search of newer and more efficient ways to present their content. This means that major industry techniques, such as isomorphic apps, that deliver greater efficiency and ease of access to customers will continue to be held in very high esteem.

The Introduction of Treefrog

If your app has frontend logic, then you can save time by reusing code. On top of that, Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Optimization aren't going away and our Isomorphic app benefits from the speed boost of having an app fully rendered on demand.

Our specific open source isomorphic web app software is called Treefrog. It's a blend of both node.js as well as a frontend framework for building powerful responsive apps. What makes Treefrog unique is Treefrog doesn't assume that you want to use react redux, angular2 or vanilla javascript. Instead it's just the frontend style library and you can easily tie your javascript framework to and a methodology built for scale.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help create a creative software solution for your industry utilizing our own isomorphic web app technology. It's as easy as clicking the icon on the bottom right of your screen and starting a conversation.

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