One World Lab Launches with the Supermoon

One World Lab is the second eCommerce website we built on our Humpback Node.js Platform.

One World Lab Launches with the Supermoon

Posted by Myles Golden on Nov 14, 2016

One World Lab - Breaking Bounds in the Life Science Industry

As the largest Supermoon to will come into view November 14th 2016. A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit. This is an optical illusion caused by the moon being close to the horizon, where it can be measured against familiar objects such as trees and houses. The technical name is the perigee-syzygy of the Earth–Moon–Sun system.

There's no coincidence that one of science's largest breakthroughs happens to fall on this same day. One World Lab, is a place where researchers and manufacturers can interact with each other. One World Lab's belief is that researchers should benefit from having access to the antibody manufacturers and the ability to know their names. One World Lab partners with the most reputable antibody manufacturers in the industry.

Established in 2010, One World Lab, Inc. facilitates research conducted in the life sciences by providing validation size amounts of antibodies (ample amounts for testing in several experiments) from multiple manufacturers and suppliers. OWL's sample inventory is electronically monitored for both abundance and quality, ensuring that scientists have access to the samples when needed.

Built on a Lighting Fast Platform

One World Lab (OWL), the second eCommerce website we built on our Humpback Node.js Platform is One World Lab. One World Lab's Node.js eCommerce platform doesn't stop with just products, it's full of real-time interactions between scientists and manufacturers.

More Products Than Hogan Has Goats

When it comes it life-science, there are a lot of different variation. From Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, ELISA Kits, Native Proteins, Recombinant Proteins, Conjugation Chemistry, to Lysates, One World Lab has it all. OWL nearly breaks the limits of product counts for an eCommerce store. With over 500,000 products and 1.5 million product variations we had to think outside of the box for this project. It can safely be said that One World Lab is the only online directory today that exclusively lists products from the original manufacturers, providing them with the recognition they deserve.

Protocol Builder (aka Github for Protocols)

With as sophisticated and detailed as science is, OWL needed to be as well. With no clear way to track protocols outside of the lab, OWL set out to solve that problem. We crafted a protocol builder that allows researchers to clone protocols and control the steps. This is a massive breakthrough in the way research and science is going to be conducted. Now there is a place where researchers can share information across a single platform and communicate directly with the manufacturers. This is a win-win for researchers and manufacturers. Researchers can now test and review the protocols from the manufacturers and other researchers, as well as a win-win for the manufacturers who can see what protocols are working for their products.

Reviews from Real Researchers (the Yelp of Antibodies)

There's no bigger headache than conducting the research, ordering the materials and then performing the experiment and not getting the results aimed for. This is a problem that researchers deal with everyday is trying validating their research. OWL needed a system that allowed for peer-to-peer communication as well as peer-to-manufacturer communication, and so we crafted one. The OWL review section provides a crowd-sourced validation of the products in different applications and species. There are checks and balances put in place to assure that the reviews posted on products are actually real scientists that have purchased the product and conducted the experiment based on the protocol or their modified protocol. Antibodies serve as one of the most basic units of research, but yet validating the best antibody for a given target from dozens of vendors can often be a waiting game at best...until now.

Collaborate with Researchers Through Labs

One thing that makes OWL different from any other web app out there is it's ability for researchers to collaborate within a section called "Labs". These Labs are places where researchers can invite their colleagues, have open discussions with them, and collaborate on experiments. It is critical to give researchers the resource to do side-by-side screening of products in parallel, to not only identify what works, but what works best.

The One World Lab - Cali Style Experience

I have had the great experience of working with Myles Golden and Scott Wyatt at CaliStyle Technologies (CST) for over a year and a half developing a massive software application. I must preface this with the fact that I’ve worked with several other developers and development teams. The CST team members are experts in the domain of software and website development.


Most importantly is that CST is part of a network of highly skilled developers that they can access when the project requires more resources. It is a huge boost in confidence to know that CST is highly respected in their field by leaders in their industry. One of the most rewarding aspects of working with CST is that they feel and act like members of my team, not just consultants. We have worked together in many areas of the business that go beyond the scope of only developing a website and software. It is a testament to their skills, knowledge, and abilities that they can support many areas of my business while still focusing on creating an award winning software application that is positioned to revolutionize the biomedical research industry.

Mike Simson, CEO One World Lab

Thanks Mike, It's been a fun challenge to help OWL achieve their goals!

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