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San Diego Search Engine Marketing Company Increases Profits!

Posted by Myles Golden on Apr 19, 2017

What's the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

This can be an easily answered question. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the ever changing game of getting your site closest to the top of the results as you can. To achieve your desired level of SEO, you’ll want plenty of keywords, neat code, and lots of clicks.

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is purchasing Adwords from Google to help your site get clicks. “Clicks” is a way to refer to users who choose your website from the results page after entering a query. Needless to say, more clicks equals more profit.

When SEM Should Be Incorporated into a Campaign

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) should likely be incorporated into a campaign on day 1, if not prior to launch, to build a mailing list. Sales strategies like mailing lists create a sense of reliability and accessibility for your customers. Initiating interaction with your visitors gives your website a really great head start by establishing your name, ethic, and the services you offer.

No matter how beautiful your design is, or how clean your coding is, or how readable your articles are, it’s going to be an upward battle to get people to actually visit your website. That’s where SEM will really benefit your business. Funding quality SEM for your business will have a direct and positive correlation with your site’s revenue. Making an investment in real, organic clicks is key to getting your website off the ground.

How Your San Diego Business Can Benefit from Search Engine Marketing

Benefits from Search Engine Marketing can be tremendous for a business in a positive way if done correctly. If your investments are used incorrectly, it can be a massive loss and dollars spent the wrong way. Remember that slow and steady wins the race; the race of search optimization, that is. Your Search Engine Marketing focus must be a steady and reliable increase in clicks and in profit. If you invest in a quick and dirty burst in user visitation, your site will likely crash and burn as soon as your advertisement expires. SEM is the driving force behind network building. SEM is one of the only factors of site establishment that you have complete control over, and you don’t want to miss out on having that kind of grasp on a marketing strategy.

Assuming that you’re reading this article because you’re interested in SEM for your business, kudos for doing your research! Each individual website needs a personalized plan for their approach to SEM, so collecting as much information about SEM as possible will aid you in making a smart decision for your business. Learning about the depths of SEM, or analytics, are important for making informed and confident choices in your SEM game plan.

Why the Analytics Matter

When trying to optimize for your Adwords Campaigns, it's important to test, study, and analyze the results and make an educated decision on any adjustments. Here's some key factors on why the analytics and data matters:

  • Determining the right ad text matters when it comes to your quality score.
  • Quality score matters because it determines how useful your ad is to the search query of the user. How relevant your ad is plays a vital role in the cost per click of the ad.
  • Cost Per Click or better known as CPC is the amount of dollars it will cost to generate a click.
  • The more clicks you invest in, the better results you will see in terms of Google’s ranking.

There are so many impactful factors that come into play with Search Engine Marketing. While each business is unique, finding general information about each of these factors will help you personalize your SEM strategy.

To recap, Search Engine Marketing is best approached cautiously as a vital tool to building a network. Make a plan for SEM that works best for your business, one that allows you to grow organically. Prioritize SEM that strengthens your website by encouraging real users to engage with your business even after your ad is gone. Do your best to educate yourself on each factor of SEM in order to achieve your goals. Determining the right approach to Search Engine Marketing will put your website on the path to success!

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