The Cali Style Technologies Promise

Every Cali Style creation looks and feels great, it has the appearance of a cutting edge, web 2.0 website and it puts people in a mood of wonder and excitement.

The Cali Style Technologies Promise

Posted by Myles Golden on Jul 8, 2016

We go into everything with 110% or not at all.

Every Cali Style creation looks and feels great, it has the appearance of a cutting edge, web 2.0 website and it puts people in a mood of wonder and excitement. Here we'll discuss a bit more fundamentally what exactly Cali Style offers. First let’s set some background.

Marketing is Queen but Software is King

In every industry, having the right software is the difference between success and failure. Most of all, the trend is accelerating. Software allows the business owner to take the know-how, the unique skills and the marginal utility of the business and bake it into software. The standards, the practices, and the procedures that drive success are designed into software and managed via software. The better you can do that, the more cost effective you can be and the easier it is to take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace.

Provide More Value Than Cost

When you are considering paying for something — for anything — there are one of two purposes: consumption or investment. Consumption might be a movie or a television. A car might be an investment if you need to to accomplish your ambition. But if you get a luxury car instead of an adequate car, the difference is consumption. An investment is something that you expect to yield a return. Stocks and bonds are obvious forms of investment. Research and Development is often distinguished as a long term investment that is critical to the future of a company.

Our offer is an investment in your business. We organize around creating more value than the cost of the service. We use the latest development guidelines to eliminate waste and create speed to allow you to test marketplace assumptions and user interactions with our software.

First to Market or First to Failing - Move Quickly

Statistically, in a game of perfect odds like flipping a coin where the odds are 50% in favor of heads and 50% in favor of tails, the result of the first outcome — say ‘heads' — is statistically the favorite to still be a head. What does this mean? Strategically, this means that you should move first and move quickly.

The Cali Style Offer

The Cali Style offer is rooted in these fundamental principles. We have a background in the language of business and practices of technology. If there is an opportunity to improve your business using technology, then we are interested in discussing how.

Let us be even clearer. Here are some ways we have helped other businesses since 2009 to improve their businesses in a few broad categories.

Strategy: Reduce Overhead While Improving Operations

By examining the daily operations of the business with a focus on the practices that are required to produce revenue and the current expense structure required to produce the transactions we look for areas to substitute ongoing expense in people and the expensive office space to house them with one time expense of computer software and cheaper cloud based offerings.

Audience: Growing Businesses

This is a dominant strategy and works exceptionally well for growing businesses. Often a growing business has an opportunity to experiment with new practices as it is not burdened with practices from the past. We've also seen businesses that receive a new owner, or new investment from venture capital also be more interested in new practices to cut costs. That's not to say that there aren't forward looking owners — but much fewer.

Strategy: Target Growth with a New Opportunity

Finding an opportunity and creating a new offer to the marketplace is really exciting. This is the realm of the startup universe and is a high risk high reward situation. Often there are angels or venture capitalists that are involved and speed to market is very important. We have seen situations where the market is there and figuring out how to reach the market is the most important element. Having a vision of the future is so important, and having the team who knows how to execute and relentlessly measure against the goals of success is required.

Audience: Start-Ups

The visionary of the concept is typically the person we work with. In this case we work very closely with the visionary – often times he will participate in our daily stand-ups and help us set daily direction. Getting immediate feedback, repetitively, creates the environment for creating new visions that target the growth opportunity.

Nuts and Bolts

Cali Style's offer is to make money. Our offer is designed to make you more money than it costs. We move fast. We have the background to create a business strategy with you. We have the technology practices to move quickly with a 30 day minimum viable products.

Drop us a line and let's talk about your next project. It's as easy as clicking the icon on the bottom right of your screen and starting a conversation.

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