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We even support IE

Cali Style Technologies is a full-service & full-stack design and development firm specializing in crafting cross-platform mobile and web applications. We have extensive experience in developing web applications that are seamlessly integrated, saving you time and money. Whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows phone, native mobile applications or JavaScript mobile framework, we can turn your idea into a profit-generating application.

Our team of highly experienced web and mobile application designers and developers have the skills to bring your ideas from concepts to creations. Whether you need an enterprise web application, a social media application, a vanity website or perhaps an idea for a killer new video game. Our design and development team have the expertise to craft a user experience you and your users will not just like, but love.

At Cali Style, we'll craft your application using the Model-View-ViewModel architecture pattern. This separates the code into testable layers, and allows for multiple developers to be working simultaneously in tandem. This type of architecture allows us to take advantage of platform-specific features at any level, and provide the user the experience they expect from their device.

We understand the capabilities and limitations of each platform, and we know how to use them to maximize user experience while minimizing development cost and time to market. Cali Style has successfully launched a number of campaigns for major brands such as Dollar Beard Club, One World Lab and The Coolbox.

Here at Cali Style, we know the importance of having an application be unified across multiple platforms. A User should have the same expectations whether they are on their phone or at home on their tablet even if they aren't from the same manufacturer. Our process for this is straightforward but tedious as there are huge variations in platforms.

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