Google’s Freshness Algorithm Update

by Myles Golden in SEO | 0 comments

Google recently released their new update to their organic search engine algorithm nick-named the Freshness Algorithm. This change has impacted roughly 35% of all searches on Google. It’s hard to imagine the percentage of online businesses that have been affected by this change.

If a California business gets a significant amount of new customers from Google and then suddenly that website gets zero visitors that can be quite disruptive according to Cali Style Technologies, one of the top San Diego SEO Agencies.

Basically the question that many business owners in San Diego, CA or really any major city in the U.S. are asking is what can they do about it? If their website was designed many years ago then this might be a good time to think about a redesign. A business owner can evaluate the options for the website with a San Diego SEO guru such as Myles Golden, President of Cali Style Technologies. “There are many decisions made during a website redesign that can literally save a business owner thousands of dollars in Search Engine Optimization work. Too often, SEO Companies try to solve the problem of poor rankings with a brute-force type of linking campaign, but what ultimately happens is that you still have a website that is fundamentally not search engine friendly. Search engine friendly website architecture, new content development, and superior linking are all necessary to outperform your competitors with Google’s new Freshness Algorithm. Business owners are starting to discover that SEO solutions from overseas or rigid packages from SEO Companies are no longer effective on Google,” said Myles Golden.

There are several different business models used by other San Diego SEO consultants or companies, but a model that is becoming popular for regional business owners are keyword driven websites. Business owners frequently find that good SEO companies ensure they will get the best web development, onsite strategy, and high value links to promote their website on Google Yahoo and Bing. If a business owner wants to get in front of their competitors on Google then they need an expert team who has developed a patent pending website utility software not some service in a third world country.