Cali Style Celebrates 7 Years with a New Look

Each project we take on and tackle is different and unique, which makes it like an adventure for us.

Cali Style Celebrates 7 Years with a New Look

Posted by Myles Golden on Jul 4, 2016

We've excited to share our major upgrades to the brand

As we celebrate our 7th Birthday this year (2016), we're excited about releasing our new look and feel. Each project we take on is different and unique, which makes it like an adventure for us.

Our new look and feel is all about the journey it takes to not only craft a great looking website, but the adventure of establishing a business or growing an existing one.

When we take on a new project the adventure begins, it all starts with understanding a businesses wants and needs, and the unique value factor that business creates.

Follow us on the journey of how we create for the web:

The Adventure all begins with the Discovery

The first thing we did before starting the new Cali Style site was an in-depth review of everything that the we’ve learned about our company’s goals and expectations. Next we preformed an internal review amongst our staff to vet key solutions.

Once we had a clear outline of the overall picture, we established a project road map and time lines for deliverables. This method allowed us to set realistic deadlines and a plan put in place for our new marketing strategy.

One of the things we knew from the start was that we wanted to push the boundaries of what's possible and create an Isomorphic web application which meant we had to take a brand new approach and pioneer new technology.

A strong business begins with the Architecture

The first milestone in our new site began with designing and building the brains (the technology) that will make the web application possible. From how it will crunch data to how it will deliver information, this is the part of the process that made this happen.

Storytelling begins with Great Designs

Starting with the bones of our project we outlined and laid out the overall design and story we wanted to tell. This milestone of the journey wire-framed how the web application will look and operate.

Back End Development

While good bones gives structure, muscle defines our web application. This portion of the journey outlined the back end development and putting all the pieces of the technology together so that they worked properly.

Front End Development

One of the final steps in our new brand's adventure was applying the skin to the web application. This is the part of the journey that brings all the design ideas to life and puts all the muscle, brains, and bones to work.

Optimization, the beginning of a new Adventure

The final step in our new branding process was optimizing the web application to the latest search engine guidelines which is critical to increasing engagement. This part of the journey outlined the promotion of our web application.

Let's Take an adventure together

If you find your brand needing a makeover, let's go on a journey together, drop us a line and we'd be more than happy to talk about your next project. It's as easy as clicking the icon on the bottom right of your screen and starting a conversation.

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