How Web Design Attracts Your Target Audience

Building a connection with your target audience is the most important aspect of web design and customer engagement.

How Web Design Attracts Your Target Audience

Posted by Myles Golden on Nov 9, 2016

Why do so many Brands Fail to Deliver the right Message to their Audience?

What do you want to happen when someone visits your web page? If you run a website to sell a product or service, chances are that you want your visitors to convert into customers. Converting designs are extremely important to any modern business, but making your web design work for your business requires serious targeting. Amid all the web design trends, targeted design is by far the most crucial when it comes to converting website visitors to valued customers. From responsive websites to targeted SEO practices, this guide will show you how you can build a website targeted to your ideal customer.

The most important moment when it comes to converting designs and making your website your best salesman is the moment your visitors land on your homepage. Studies show that savvy consumers make their first impression about your business within milliseconds of landing on your page. They should be able to immediately determine who you are and how you can solve a problem that is relevant to them. If you can achieve this with your web design, you stand a great chance of turning any website visitor into a loyal customer.

Responsive Design and Mobile Interaction

Responsive websites are one of the best web design trends you can put to work for your business. Converting designs to powerful sales tools that will not only draw in potential business but convincing customers to make a purchase doesn't just happen on a conventional desktop computer. A majority of consumers now access the internet through smartphones and tablet devices, and those technologically savvy consumers expect their favorite companies to be accessible online, no matter where they happen to be. Whether your visitors are at home on their desktop computer or waiting in line at the store, a responsive web design ensures that your website will look great in any resolution and on any size screen.

Building a connection with your target audience is the most important aspect of web design. If you aren't connecting to your audience, following all the latest web design trends will do nothing. To build a relationship with someone, you have to know the kinds of problems they face on a daily basis. If you can target problems your ideal customer cares about and clearly demonstrate how you can solve them with your website, you will be on your way to great online customer relations. Keep language specific and relevant to the person you want to sell to rather than general. Mass-appeal is not ideal for most online businesses. Instead, you want to focus on providing as much value as possible to a very specific, niche audience.

Speak to the Individual - Your Website is your Greatest Sales Tool

Personal sales techniques are far more effective than impersonal ones, especially when it comes to a website. The online experience is already a step removed from interaction with customers since your visitors don't have the chance to speak with you directly. You can compensate for the impersonal nature of online sales by making your sales copy personable and relatable. Speak to your audience as if you are speaking to the only person in the room. Nobody wants to feel as if they are simply one in a crowd of many, especially when it comes to spending their hard-earned money on a product. You can make your customers feel valued and attended to by creating a meaningful, interactive website with down-to-earth language.

Give a Clear Call to Action - Engagement is Crucial

Now that you have taken some steps to build a website that is targeted to specific customers, consider what you want them to do. Make sure that your website is structured in a way that compels your visitors to take the next step toward getting involved in your business. Having a persuasive call to action displayed prominently on your front page is a great way to ensure that your customers have an end goal in mind from the moment they arrive at your website.

Streamline Your Navigation & Site Architecture

Once you have decided what you would ideally like for each visitor to your website to accomplish, structure your website so that it is as easy as possible for them to accomplish that goal. Each page should be informative and help them access the end goal, whether that is to buy a product or call you for a consultation. Responsive websites make this task even easier, since they automatically adjust screen resolution and menu bar formatting according to what device your visitors are using to access your website.

Putting it All Together

Building a website that is targeted toward the right audience is essential for conducting productive online business. Once you establish who that audience is and what is important to them, your website should clearly communicate a solution to their problems and how they can achieve that solution. The design of your site should then be tailored to make achieving that solution as easy as possible, whether that means buying a product, reading an article, or connecting with you through email. If you take these important steps, your website will be far more effective at converting your traffic into valuable business leads.

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