Why Node.js Makes Great Web Applications

Typically, Node.js web applications are built as Responsive Progressive Web Apps are also very cost effective since there is no need for separate desktop and mobile websites.

Why Node.js Makes Great Web Applications

Posted by Myles Golden on Aug 10, 2017

Looking For an Efficient App Platform?

When it comes to the foundation of an application, you have plenty of choices for what platform to use. Searching for a platform that’s easy, efficient, fast, and maintainable all in one must be impossible, right? Well, let’s find out if Node.js can prove that assumption wrong.

Is Node.js Your Software Solution?

Node.js is a non-render blocking platform for JavaScript that allows for large-scale networking, simple and timely web maintenance, and a heavy workload. These characteristics are especially attractive to such substantial companies as LinkedIn, Dollar Beard Club, Google Chrome, Uber, and many more. Node.js is creating new opportunities for projects who prioritize two-way connections between server and user, straightforward tasks, and near effortless maintenance.

What Makes Node.js Different?

Here’s the main notable qualities that make Node.js ideal for countless applications:

  • Very fast and easily maintained
  • Remarkably scalable compared to other platforms
  • Efficient use of existing code for effortless modification
  • Real time WebSocket programming

Node.js was designed by Google to withstand an amazing amount of traffic. Node.js’ has an enormous ecosystem of open source libraries, referring to its endless access to data. This makes design, maintenance, and networking super fast and very easy.

Node.js uses something called WebSockets that creates a connection from the user to the server, making communication fast and simple. It’s real time capabilities are ideal for things like chat applications and games.

Reasons why you should use Node.js in your next project

Node.js development is sustained by an environment which promotes the reuse of code. This assists our developers to create web applications rapidly using Node.js. It is a fantastic platform in many aspects which include:

  • Low-level API & simple installation process make Node.js work like a breeze in real-time applications.
  • Great entry level codes and large community libraries that can be reused which decreases the time of application development.
  • Extensive Open Source community help developers get an informative backing and validation quickly.
  • Highly scalable applications that can handle limitless amounts of traffic to websites.
  • Excellent functions for HTTP and TCP protocols which saves on agent loading time, and improves overall web performance.
  • 0-MVP faster because Node.js supports reusing of codes, and cuts down on development time.
  • Less parsing time which enables Node.js to outperform PHP, Ruby, and Python in certain situations.
  • Testing and continuous integration allow for multiple developers to work on the same project.

Is Node.js Right for Me?

As for any business decision, collecting as much information as possible about your considered options will lead to a smart, confident choice. If you think your application would benefit from the innovative Node.js, feel free to contact us here at Cali Style Technologies. Share your vision with us, and we’ll provide you with a free consultation.

Why You Should use Node.js in your next Web Application

Typically, Node.js web applications are built as Responsive Progressive Web Apps are also very cost effective since there is no need for separate desktop and mobile websites. Since you want to have an optimized website regardless of the device someone is using to access your site, your business needs to have a site that is optimized for mobile devices. While you could spend extra money to develop a separate mobile website, it is more cost effective for you to build responsive progressive web app that will render correctly regardless of the device being used to access your site and feel familiar to the user. By only having to create one website that will provide your visitors with an optimized website regardless of the device they are using to access your site, you are able to save a substantial amount of money for your business. Having two separate websites and maintaining them can be very costly and is not necessary when you use responsive progressive web apps.

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