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Here at Cali Style, we recognize how challenging it can be to find a web development company that specializes in user experience (UX). It's hard enough finding a company to develop a great application, but then deliver one that truly solves issues at the user level. That's why we understand that every screen, field, and interaction is designed with usability in mind. Building upon the best usability practices, an application’s user experience design must accommodate different usage patterns to appeal to your specific user base. Each user tells a story, and each story is different and must be accommodated to.

Cross Device Compatibility is Key

With how accessible the internet is, users now expect to be able to access their applications on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop and have the same experience. It’s no longer enough to focus on just one platform or device. Our team of user and customer experience (UX/CX) designers specializes in crafting the user experience from the perspective of a single design structure working across multiple devices and platforms. This architecture serves as the foundation and allows the design and development to scale across multiple devices, browsers and platforms.

We work with you to truly understand who your user is and what their specific needs are before any design is started. After all, your users are the most important aspect of your online business. UX and CX design is not simply about designing pretty screens and developing them, it’s about the best experience and flow possible for the end user.

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