Dollar Beard Club - A Subscription Service for Beards

Utilizing some of our latest and greatest technology (at the time), we created DBC a subscription based box service using our Humpback framework.

Who Built Dollar Beard Club?

Dollar Beard Club came to us after their Shopify subscription site didn’t meet the cut. They outlined their goals and needs of creating a subscription based website that sells men’s grooming products. The site needed to be able to handle tens of thousands of users on a concurrent connection.

As passionate as we are about web projects, this was one of the really cool ones that crossed our desk, and it just so happen that some of us have beards too. Utilizing our platform framework Humpback we created DBC, which allowed us to rapidly scale Dollar Beard Club in their extremely short deadlines.

As Dollar Beard Club reached maturity, we passed the torch to their internal team and helped them along the way.

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