Hire a Node.js Development Company

As a Node.js development company, we realize the businesses needs of clients quickly and act accordingly by providing low-cost services and 0-MVP as fast as possible.

Hire a Node.js Development Company

Posted by Myles Golden on Sep 6, 2016

A platform to multiply the speed of real time data streaming applications

If you require a real-time website or application which performs live interactions such as chat, or a frequent change in data which is to be written, and accessed very quickly, Node.js will serve as the best solution. The pure JavaScript platform built on V8 engine enables Node.js to work really, really fast in such circumstances. This non-blocking I/O object model is used by organizations that run million dollar businesses like Dollar Beard Club, Google Chrome, and One World Lab.

Cali Style's capabilities as a Node.js development company

  • Development of highly event driven Node.js web applications
  • Customized Node.js development services
  • Development of plugins, and portals
  • Real-time business applications development with Node.js

The web wizards at Cali Style brilliantly use the merits of this light-weighted V8 JavaScript engine to develop web applications that do multiple reading and writing tasks at lightning speeds. Cali Style is a one stop shop where you can hire node.js developers of supreme quality. We don't outsource your project like the other companies out there. We work closely with trusted partners and maintain a top notch development staff.

The Cali Style developers have a sound knowledge of the functional event loop principles which help Node.js to function without any performance lag. Thus, our developers enable two-way communication between clients and servers easily possible. We have proven our excellence in Node.js development services by offering real-time web applications such as eCommerce stores that handles over 1500 transactions a minute, analytical and data crunching, to age verification and processing transactions.

Reasons why you should use Node.js in your next project

Node.js development is sustained by an environment which promotes the reuse of code. This assists our developers to create web applications rapidly using Node.js. It is a fantastic platform in many aspects which include:

  • Low-level API & simple installation process make Node.js work like a breeze in real-time applications.
  • Great entry level codes and large community libraries that can be reused which decreases the time of application development.
  • Extensive Open Source community help developers get an informative backing and validation quickly.
  • Highly scalable applications that can handle limitless amounts of traffic to websites.
  • Excellent functions for HTTP and TCP protocols which saves on agent loading time, and improves overall web performance.
  • 0—MVP faster because Node.js supports reusing of codes, and cuts down on development time.
  • Less parsing time which enables Node.js to outperform PHP, Ruby, and Python in certain situations.
  • Testing and continuous integration allow for multiple developers to work on the same project.

The Cali Style promise of our Node.js development services

  • We realize the businesses needs of clients quickly and act accordingly by providing low-cost services and 0&MVP as fast as possible that matches your budget.
  • Not only do we deliver top notch node.js web applications, we deliver excellent client care and web maintenance too.
  • No messy code, resulting in fast results that are sophisticated, light-weight, and fast performing Node.js applications.

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